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Meet the Team

Canadian Health and Care Mall is an online pharmacy that has been around since the early aughts. Having started as an on-site drugstore, Canadian Healthcare Mall soon recognized the demand of wide customer range to source their medicines anonymously and conveniently online. It was then that we segued into the cyberspace to pursue a tremendously successful career of an online retailer. Now that we are an e-commerce player with a decade and a half of career behind out back we are anxious to let you know even more about us.

Canadian Health Care Mall is a place that helps you deal with health problems that you encounter in your everyday life for a lot less money that it is expected in our society. We carefully choose our suppliers and couriers to bring you the best quality drugs that money can buy. On top of this, at our online store you can place any order, and it will be completely anonymous. We ship within twenty-four hours upon receiving the confirmation of your payment, given that the order is placed on a working day. We follow-up with advice and professional medical consulting for all of our customers. In short, we are a substantial standby of all the essentials for your drug chest.

Price Vs. Quality Ratio

…is essentially perfect! Find the meaning of ‘inexpensive’ redefined with our substantially sourced drugs that are characterized by unmatched quality and unfaltering efficiency.


Canadian Health Care Mall coupons and discounts are famed internationally. Whenever you get one, it means that you will save even bigger bucks on your pharmacy shopping.

Responsive Support

At Canadian Health Care Mall, getting back to the customer is a number one priority. After all, it is you that we are focused on. We are pleasers, you know. So get in touch with us!

Excellence of Services

These include efficient processing, prompt dispatching and fast shipping, keeping all of the information well protected and securing the payment procedures.

Canadian Health Mall

Most popular online pharmacy discounter, which you can find all what you need.


Meet The Team

Canadian Health and Care Mall - HealthCare is our Profession

When we say Health&Care Mall, we do not refer to the premises in which we are housed, or the products that retail with us. Canadian Healthcare Store is all about people who make it happen. Did you know how many specialists it takes to make the drugstore operate smoothly and efficiently? We have above 600 employees lodged internationally in order to be able to seamlessly source and deliver drugs meeting the demand of customers from the most far-flung corners of the world.

  • We aspire to create the kind of services that would resonate with everyone. For this, we have a group of personnel members that busy themselves with recognizing the needs of the current market state. They find out the price reality vs. the purchasing capacity ratio, and do their best to pass on this data to our procurement department.
  • The responsibilities outlined for the procurement specialists of Canadian Health&Care Mall entail sifting through the market of pharmaceutical manufacturers, choosing the most reliable ones and among those picking suppliers who quote the best prices for the strategic positions, and establishing business relations with them. The next move is on the logistics department.
  • The logistics department is the next link in the chain that connects us with you, dear customer. It is thanks to the genial work of those specialists that we are able to consistently come up with the best offers for the popular drugs. They find the simplest and the less expensive ways for the medicines we source to be delivered to us and then distributed between the storage rooms.
  • The storage room staff members perform a very responsible part of work: they ascertain that the drugs are stored, rotated and dispatched in a strict compliance with the FDA standards. It is thanks to them that every medicine you get from us is farm-fresh and safe to use, with the best-before date as remote as possible.
  • Finally, Canadian Health and Care Mall has to acknowledge the precious work of the specialists whose duties you can perceive directly. These are pharmacists, doctors, customer support staff members, net admins and promotion and PR managers. They all create the image and interface of our pharmacy to give it a truly human feel. You can ask any questions concerning our products and services, and you can depend on them being answered promptly and with great care and concern.

We also cannot skip mentioning our partners in delivery services at regular airmail and Express Courier. They never fail us and our customers, that is why we entrust them with all of our shipping matters.


Our Services

Canadian Health and Care Mall at your service

We thank you for taking time and getting familiar with our personnel. Now we would like to dedicate some space to the services that we distribute to our customers thanks to the perfectly honed skills of our team members. Canadian Health Care Mall is profiled for recognizing the needs of shoppers and meeting them on the spot. This sensitive approach towards the needs of customers is what makes us a very popular retailer.

From the moment that you come to our online store, you can sense an unobtrusive and yet substantial care of a team of professionals. It can be perceived in the clearly organized structure of the shop, the supporting articles, the doctor chats, the security that your personal cabinet provides you with.

Pay attention to the fact that Canadian Healthcare Store has a doctor consultation service. Here you can ask any questions concerning your health or the possible applications of the products we sell and their effects. Let us caution you though that this will not be a full-on substitute to an actual visit to a doctor, since no one can diagnose you or issue an objective recommendation without physically assessing your health condition.

Did you hear anything about Canadian Health & Care Mall being generous to a fault? Well, hold the line, because we are certainly going to feel you up on this.

As of recently, Canadian Health&Care Mall has introduced a new bonus bonanza for all of the customers to partake. Place an order for any subtotal, and you will qualify for one of the fantastic bonus compliment from our pharmacy. These come in form of 4 (four!) free pills of Viagra or Cialis (make your choice!) coming with the purchased products.

And if this is not enough for a shopping bug to bite you, Canadian Healthcare Pharmacy is prepared to take things a step further. We offer free Regular Airmail shipping to any part of the world when your order has been equal or above $150; with $200 spent for each single purchase, we ship your order for free and include a free shipping insurance. If the order gets damaged or lost, we will re-ship it to you for free.

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