Canadian Pharmacy: Sex as the method of health preservation and the improvement of mood

Sex as the method of health preservation and the improvement of mood

Sex is the brilliant way to gain confidence. It is the common knowledge that a big amount of oxytocin is discharged into the blood channels during the sexual pleasures. In addition, the concentration and mental activity improve significantly. That is why the morning sex is quite important. It will calm you and provide your efficiency in the working process. Thus, apparently, the morning sex is just necessary for everyone.

Sex is a great preventive measure. Strangely enough, this process, required as it seems only for reproduction and pleasure can also maintain and improve your health. This is due to the fact that the production of leukocytes increases by 1,5 times during the sexual intercourse. These cells are responsible for forming and maintaining of immunity. It provides the protection from any microorganisms, including viruses. Sometimes even cancer cells cannot fight this protection. Therefore, sex is very healthful and can even save your life.

Sex makes you not only beautiful, but smart. The studies have shown that during the sexual intercourse female organism simultaneously produces a few substances that may improve her mental abilities significantly. The most popular is prolactin that, besides all, protects brain from overloads. Moreover, the woman that has regular sexual life is recognizable from the crowd by her brilliant memory and quick wit.

Night sex as the best way to get rid of insomnia. The scientists already established the fact that the regular active sexual life releases a person from all problems related to the sleep disruptions. This is due to the fact that immediately after orgasm the concentration of glycogen that is responsible for the active work of transversal striated muscle fiber in the blood channels decreases sharply. As a result, a person experienced such a pleasant sexual relaxation is immediately ready to go to the magical land of dreams.

Sex may maintain the mental well-being of your family to a great extent. As a result of numerous surveys it was revealed that the most open and frank conversations are possible right after the orgasm. It is after the maximum sexual tension almost every man becomes more tender and ready to talk with his lover in the context she wants.

Such hormone as endorphin increases its concentration in blood significantly right after the orgasm. Besides, it is necessary to mention that this substance is the so-called hormone of happiness. Therefore, with its increase any person, irrespective of her or his character, becomes more and more interesting and liveable. Besides, endorphins provide the great level of protection against the disturbing factors of any nature. These substances are really refreshing for the human organism. Moreover, it is worthy of note that provided the regular sex you would hardly ever suffer from depression, as from any other stress conditions in particular.

The last but not the least healthful property of the regular sexual life is the fact that sexual pleasures make even the laziest of us to perform physical exercises. Therefore, sex may be called one of the most efficient preventive measures of hypodynamia that helps to avoid a lot of nervous and cardiovascular diseases in the most pleasant way.

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