Canada Health Act

Things you should know about Canadian Health&Care System

Canadian Health&Care system is rightly considered one of the most developed in the world, but it is definitely surrounded by various misconceptions that come from people who have never used the system to improve their health. While there are a lot of advantages, you shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations about how it works and know how[…]

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Epidemiology of ABPA

Epidemiology of ABPA Aspergillus hypersensitivity (AH) is defined by the presence of an immediate-type cutaneous hypersensitivity to A fumigatus antigens, and it is the first step in the development of ABPA. Only a minority of patients with AH develop the complete clinical picture of ABPA. The population prevalence of ABPA in asthma, generally referred to as 1 to 2%, is[…]

Viagra dosage

Canadian Health and Care Mall: How to Choose Viagra Dosage?

For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (or ED) and want to treat it, there is no better choice than Viagra! This medical condition occurs when they haven’t enough blood flow in their penis, which prevents a normal erection, and if they experience difficulties keeping or getting it. Unfortunately, this problem is quite common because[…]