Learn More about Vital Necessity of Decent Sleep

Healthy Sleep

According to scientific researches, we devote 1/3 of our lives to sleep. This statement is true if we sleep at least 8 hours per day. The growing pace of life demands more stay-awake moments and less sleeping hours. As a result we all sleep less than we should. Is it so crucial to have decent sleep? Actually it is our organism’s vital necessity for normal functioning. Let’s check how many hours can be considered decent sleep, why quality sleep is important, what the consequences of little sleep are and finally how to improve your sleep.

As per Sleeping Foundation researches, adults’ sleeping time varies. Some people are happy after 8 hours of sleep and it is an accepted norm. However, even 6 hours are enough for some people to have a night’s rest. This numbers does not depend on people’s age but on the organism features. As for kids under 7, their sleep is divided namely into several hours during the day and more than 10 hours at night.

Advantages of Healthy Sleep

In short if you receive enough rest during the nighttime you:
• think fast as your brain has had a proper rest at night
• act appropriately at any situation even very stressful once
• work with enthusiasm and energy
• learn and remember new things fast
• control your emotions and mood well
• become open for new social contacts

What If You Sleep Less: Reasons and Explanation

On the contrary, lack of sleep has a harmful effect on any age group of people. Among main reasons for little sleep there may be late studying, a newborn baby or a pet at home, loud neighbors or even late coffee break. It’s clear that these obvious reasons happen from time to time. Still, some reasons have a hidden nature, for instance:

• medicines you are taking. Some pills or supplements like ones for high blood pressure or asthma treatment components can keep you awake. So check with your doctor if your pills cause sleep deficiency;

• alcohol. It works as a sedative at first, but it’s not an overnight one, so you will be awake soon after a drink;

• even mild pain can wake you up or influence the quality of your sleep.

• exhausted state. Even if you are ‘walking dead’, it does not mean you will fall asleep fast, so doctors advice not to go to bed at once and do some things prior to going to bed.

• uncomfortable climate in the bedroom. Even little difference matters, so if it’s hotter or colder than usually, you can wake up in the middle of the night.

Tasty Recipes of a Quality Sleep

Indeed, if you eat/drink right, you will sleep well. From the information above you know that alcohol and coffee are to be avoided before bedtime. What if you are still hungry at 10 p.m. or later? Try these healthy recipes and sleep well:

#1. Sleep as a baby with warm milk. Sounds childish a bit still it works for most people not only as a soothing habit from childhood. Dairy products are rich in amino acid tryptophan which is essential for serotonin and melatonin production and good sleep.

#2. Flavored herbal tea. Use relaxing chamomile or lavender teas for a calming effect.

#3. If you are looking for more sufficient food, have a snack with either oatcakes or some cereal.

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